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Things I Do For Love

    1. Things I do for love; no rush
      Tempo slow; down with a brush
      Neatly, I touch, groom and brush
      Jerking in birthday-suit and such
      Lousy or not; kisses stamp on her hair.
      Things I do for love; kills my heir!
    • Sweeping of feet, tossing, I roll
      She on hand, she screams, ‘lemme down”
      Hairs slices the air of the sounds we make
      All of my riches and focuses dwells on her
      In her town, even Samson fell down
      Things I do for love takes a breath; not just a crown
    1. Only the dead is forever settled
      Scattering hairs with fingers
      Her hairs go fuzzy like Golliwog
      Forming a course for tears, maybe; I guess
      For love, yet creating love that plays emotions like a golf game
      Things I do for love is more to a brush…
  • Written by: Onyeche Vincent Onyeka

    (C). 2012
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    Remember Yesterday

    Remember before now
    A place you’ve been and seen
    Never forget yesterday
    It’s a noun; though no more

    Leather exposed like a naked wire
    Lovely shyness couldn’t get a hold on you
    Light ran freely as though space empty
    Little did you know the word ‘pride?’

    Like a feathered peacock
    Loving every color
    Linking affection to breath
    Lungs you gradually made to fail

    Remember you were never shy
    Anytime they stumble upon you
    Never forget yesterday
    It’s a noun; though you now classic.

    ©2012: https://vinzpoetry.wordpress.com


      Greener the green grasses appear
      More beautiful flowers prepare
      The beginning of a new half
      Down many lost a scarf
      Fallen angels must have praised God
      For creating with his word
      The chilly days in july:
      ~Human know
      That times like this,
      They have to let-go
      God above may hiss
      But the admirable things he carved
      Are just an eye-catching craft
      One may bless july
      No lie
      Even fallen angels kill cold
      Not by hot tea but candies
      Rock and roll, with a sexy to hold
      July is one of those months
      That boo hard-work
      But uplift romance
      Rain and cold with a love of july.

    written by: Onyeche Vincent Onyeka
    © 2012
    (D²rupoesy)℠ thetruepoesy™

    Expression Eruption: Dance

    If there is a pain you need to flush
    Give yourself peace;
    As little as a pinch
    Let your blood rush
    Freely without you feeling its push
    O sing aloud a sweet good song
    You might not need to flog a drum
    But take a serious step
    And don’t be a tree
    You may be too lazy to clap
    But don’t be too lazy to dance.

    Green Grasses

    1. Green beautiful grasses
      Where lands the butterflies
      Green grasshoppers just hopped
      Greedily shining beautifully to be alive
      Looking deeply in ones gazing eyes
      And don’t know how to say goodbye
      Or tell ones flesh never to smile freely
      With these green grasses
      That smiles with a dog tooth
      For flesh makes grasses ever green.
    • Green beautiful grasses
      Just doesn’t feel right
      Growing on a burial ground
      Across ones head
      Having no yesterday,
      And no to-morrow.
      Forgetting thoughts, taught, time
      Forgetting fortune, life and love
      Lying at peace
      With grasses growing all over ones head
    1. Green beautiful grasses
      Where I lay when I rise to the morning sun
      Stretching legs during the burning ray
      Forgetting about death or life
      Feeling an angel
      Angels cherish a background
      Looking so beautiful,
      A sight to see
      A scene to show
      How deep is a love….
  • written by: Onyeche Vincent Onyeka
    © 2012
    (D²rupoesy)℠ thetruepoesy™


      If June night could voice-out
      It would surely hit its chest
      Hell yea It invented romance
      In low temperature
      Thermometer stays high
      Breaking mamas rules, heart changes
      Red as roses, pinky like babies
      Pleasant scents the nose
      Rainbow shines in june
      Precious Lord created June.
      Thirty days has june
      Little if accounting for that it gives
      Taking a walk in june
      Is like smiles in a fun

    written by: Onyeche Vincent Onyeka
    © 2012
    (D²rupoesy)℠ thetruepoesy™

    Tales Of A Wife: You

    It did amuse you catching a butterfly
    Colourfully wonderful
    Not willing to let go,
    With a partially open hands,
    All behind you blinked white
    So amazing you look
    Can an angel be finer than you?
    When it drops, it does rises
    You are the butterfly, never let go.

    All for you, fire burns cold inside
    Solid as a block yet gaseous I can tell
    Proposing passion pleasure pain
    The triple hurts like hell
    Love the bumper, we may be learners
    Forever; the persistence pays a lot
    If we bash and get back to the wheel
    For it feels like strawberry in yogurt
    I hope you read this, you are the sweetest.

    Tales Of A Wife: Mrs Onyeche

      The girl I would love to marry
      Must be as clean as a child
      White eyes, white teeth
      All but any coloured hide skin
      The girl I would love to marry
      Must be clean inside as out
      White heart, amazing hands
      A willing type for prosperity
      The girl I would Love to marry
      Must be serious as death
      A never over demanding like life
      Wish it is so easy to find
      The girl I would love to marry
      Must be as Jesus’s Mary
      Wish I could marry a virgin
      All eyes on us when we pass by
      The girl I would love to marry
      Must be willing to bow, loyal to
      Africa moral and biblical rules
      Well protected and un-touch
      The girl I love to marry is born everyday
      And Like Bongos Ikwe
      I’m still searching
      For my Mrs Onyeche

    written by: Onyeche Vincent Onyeka
    © 2012
    (D²rupoesy)℠ thetruepoesy™

    Native Fly: Palmwine Play

    Palm Wine

    Palm Wine

      Palm wine Play
    1. It was some time ago no pea-cocking or ego
    2. Innocent and untouched like virgin forest
    3. Then grasses covered bottles attuned for palm wine
    4. Flies also sipped, it was creamy and white as milk
    5. From daddy’s cup the little kids drank
    6. Inspiring, their play was full of fun
    7. Pretending to be drunk; if not already
    8. Staggering, damping the eyes
    9. Rolling out the eyeballs,
    10. Stooping and soliloquizing
    11. Playing with sands, throwing pillows and falling
    12. Along the long narrow corridor
    13. Running for more, to daddy’s refilling cup
    14. To drink the universe large and play all night long.

    By Onyeche Vincent Onyeka

    written by: Onyeche Vincent Onyeka
    © 2012
    (D²rupoesy)℠ thetruepoesy™

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