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Last Designation: 3Questions

If love is dark and roller blind,
Why shouldn’t I be a fighting light…
To outshine, harm and pluck-off the heart
Deep behind the left chest
Deficient of the dimmest attention
Even as we lean together everyday on same wall?

I am the eye of the beholder,
No lie
She is beautiful
First let me speak from outside which I see
The Devil yes once was
Her voice no-lie causes a downfall.

“Infatuation and foreplay in your eyeball”
She says to me
Suicidal, bankrupt and heartbreak in her gaze
She’s got all lights to fight the shadows of affection
Why then do I see an ocean of passion?  

Not even death…
Foolishly, she is who I’ll choose to die for
Like in football
If it takes ninety minutes to fight death
And tactics well played, I’ll prevail

“she and I”
Will live forevermore
But why should I use the best of tactics?
When I know she prefers
So much not being with me
But walking alone through hell with a smile


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