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Tales Of A Wife: Deboriella


Several faces pop on and off

Deboriella I met through Facebook

Has this face of “must look”

She’s that dark smoke

Gathering tens of hawk.


Deboriella Deboriella

Slim bottom heels

Looking smallish

But confident as a royal Princess

What an ego that intimidates a hook!


I remember typing with a question mark:


She answered with such a remark

How can a heart trash out

Something like that?


Deboriella Deborilla!!!

With a beautiful eye and smile

That showcase an angelic sigh,

An epitome of love that shouldn’t be lost,

But an unspok’n tale that keeps me rejoice.


She is always online yet not online

With a glass-cup of yellowing fluid,

Every now and then,

On her wall I see her smile

But the truth remains, she is an unknown friend.

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The True Poesy

Written by: Onyeche Vincent Onyeka

© 2013 (D²rupoesy) thetruepoesy™


  1. Deboriella Kumane no strings attached… lol


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