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I Still Smell You

  • Every stranger has your face
  • Everyone walks like you
  • Everyone talks like you
  • Everyone smells like you
  • Every fiber I see is you in a lace.



  • No iTunes yet your voice plays
  • A sweat playlist of all memories
  • Well shuffled in my head
  • Employed to repeating mode
  • Music takes me where words don’t.


  • Thought like season change
  • The music would end
  • I never knew steel is hard
  • I never knew building bridges
  • Is easy until I tired getting over it…


  • In every voice I hear
  • I tend to examine
  • Every eye behind the sunglass
  • Everyone smells like you
  • Yet: they not you.

By Onyeche Vincent Onyeka

© 2013 http://thethruepoesy.wordpress.com

Tales Of A Wife: Deboriella part2 (narrated by a female)

My name in a sweet song
Sang by his flabbergasted lips
I heard the words from his lyrics
That- Deboriella… Deboriella!
Is a gorgeous and dauntless goddess,
My name was the hook, Aphrodite’s images
Seemly I was full of grace like a Royal Princess…

Now tell me, why shouldn’t I be his weakness
If my ego; can outshine other elites?
In his air, there’s a love, I wish I could feel
Mentally and physically attracted to him.
He called me “the Royalty’s epitome”,
And saw me as a Swan from Heavens top
He said I burn from side to side when I walk.

Sitting not in the midst of the Lavenders
He sees me bigger than a Queen on a throne
And wish I was nearer to him like a stone-throw
But a cat wouldn’t wish a dog to have a bone
He seemed bold but in imagination, he is shy
That his eyes always blink, each time I do the smile
I’m a dream in his dreams in my dream that is but a lie.

Who are you? I remember he typed with such remark
“Deboriella” I replied and suddenly he went blank
Mouth and eyes wide open but acted brave
As though he had a million barter for a slave
Setting aside all variances, even class and age
“No” isn’t the answer he did wanted on the page
But in his trembling voice, was a tears of rage;

“Hey young lady! You are my mind’s eye lady,
You are such an astonishment; that gets my eyes hazy
You are the artifact killing my voracious infallible mind
There’s not a thing that could be measured or lined
Next to a moment with you by my side… I treasure
Standing next to you, missions I shall accomplish
And no-rest will be taken until you i find

His cold words,
Humbled me in my tissues of lies!
…Deboriella, I whispered loud in silence,
And we both woke up from his dreams
Probably as an upstart romantic mirth…
That comes up in a teens dream at night.

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