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Tales Of A Wife: Eleven (11)

I just wish I could dial
A number before I die
To resay words that weren’t white-lie
No lie we really were suit and tie.

Questions asked years ago; today ten
Just got solved; wish I had a clue then
To know the number next after ten
Is doubled, always together: I and Ann…

I just wish I could dial
A number before I die
To resay words that weren’t white-lie
The lips may not say; the heart never lie.

It was Friday night, a drink and Ann questions
What are your long and short term goals?
I wrapped it all off without her in situations
She smiled: guessed right, wrong answers.

I just wish I dialed
Anns’ number before love died
To rephrase words that made her smile depressed
Teamwork makes the dream work; I would have said.

Don’t Call Me Mad: Secrets

I have a secret to tell
Intervals in time fade not my knell
But who can I trust with my seal?
No name in the list rings a bell.


I have a secret to tell
It seems a smallish cell
But the Pope will probably yell
Or better say, send me to hell.


I have a secret to peal
I’ll tell not, rather i’ll chew a jell
Because promises doesn’t stick to gel
That-I-wouldn’t buy if you sell.



By Onyeche vincent onyeka

When it is raining



The Government is useless,

Our money they take

Calm down young man!

Faith is all the heart should bear

The government is like the church:

Drops of idea, pastors get richer

New cars, houses and industries

Yes you may want to criticize

But glued at a point the tongue must mute.

The Government is useless    

Our head they knit

Calm down young man!

Get used to it…

Presentation and packaging is the term

The government is like a hospital

Find out later:

But right now, their words make a dead man breath

The government has its own ethics.

The Government is useless

Power is within a family circle

Calm down young man!

Some people are born kings

Some people slave: So is fate

Just like a good movie

Few people on camera

Many others behind…

Choose your fate

The Government is useless

Corruption here and there

Calm down young man!

You alone cannot change the world,

But: You can cast a stone

Across the waters to create many ripples

One gesture, one somebody, one moment at a time

Then acceptance brings down walls

And that is how change transpires.

For after all,

The best thing one can do

When it is raining

…Is let it rain!




By Onyeche vincent Onyekachukwu

© 2013


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