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Tales Of A Wife: Only us

    Where there is no sky
    There is no air
    There is no breath
    It’ll be only us
    When there is no sound
    There is no song
    There is no voice
    ’tis only us
    When invents are dead
    There is no car
    There is no bus
    ’tis only us
    Threading on no train
    Or even a plane,
    Against all odds on a white horse
    ‘Tis only us.

By ᴼᶰʸᵉᶜhᴱ ᵛᴵᶰᶜᵉᶰᵗ ᴼᶰᵞᵉᵏᵃ

Unintentional Existence: Spirits


Have you ever been in a room?
That even with the vroom
Of engines outside, you sense a doom
As soon as someone intrudes,
Even without a boom
That certain feeling you sense and interpret
Before knowing or seeing
Is the same feeling
In me deep within
Telling me spirits exists.

Have you ever been in a deep-sleep?
That before the nightmarish
Comes with their snare to suffocate and press
Some how, their presence gets you on the alert
Next you pick to turn or let them keep pressing
That familiar feeling you sense
Deep down while slumbering
Is the same feeling
In you deep within
Telling you spirits exists.


written by Onyeche Vincent onyekaThetruepoesy

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