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Unintentional Existence: If

Not sigh, but If only they could chat

In languages we comprehend

Sure there would be an end

To the wrongs we do as good.


The devilish inimical extremist

Dirty politics we play for command

Makes me wonder is kill them all

….The purpose of existence?


Every clap we make

Has a dead butterfly in it

If only we could comprehend

Would a fly die this way?


For God sake,

The world is just made for man only

Well every mad man feels okay

If the heart doesn’t feel wrong, is it right?


If only

The insects we crush

The rodents we trap

The cattle and birds we hunt

Everything that has life… just-mention

Could speak to us on the hour or after the hour of death

Then we will know we are inhuman

And irrational in decisions we make.


By Onyeche Vincent Onyeka


Protein is all you need
Enzymatic Imagination real as reality
Like dust to dust,
Even proteins give-up the ghost to Amino acids
Likewise polysaccharides to mono
Lipids to glycerol & fatty acids.
I am a biochemist, are you…?

Do you feel the energy-
Our polymers are dead!!!
Chaperoned by Acetyl-CoA
Sailing them south; I think “TCA”
And then electron transport chain
Death is so stingy & greedy
Making ATP from such tragedy.

Do you feel accomplished?
You can’t resist it
CO2 is released in catabolism
Great metabolites
Great Acetyl-CoA
The reverse could also be the case!!

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