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Tales Of A Wife: Efik Virgin

  • Have you seen
    The Efik virgin of Akwa Ibom?
    That got me screaming
    ♍Ɣ ♍Ɣ ♍Ɣ ♍Ɣ !!!
  • She walks in beauty
    Like a goddess
    Of River Qua Iboe
    Pure and harmless
    Like fire-flies
    When she smiles
    ♍Ɣ ♍Ɣ ♍Ɣ ♍Ɣ
    I scream
  • Something to die for
    Call me an unwise trader,
    Hey mr. soldier
    Her bullets for her offences I’ll trade
  • She’s so bright,
    You might need a shade
    She’s always frightened
    By a mere handshake
    She’s that wish
    To always make
    Tasty as cake
    I’ll always take
    Other than her
    Is but a fake
    The only fish in a lake
  • If she loves you,
    ’tis a love more than love
    Funny, her cologne
    Makes a dead man inhale
    She has this power
    Of saints and sinners
    ‎Jesus proud,
    Saying ‘I made her so’
  • Not just a virgin
    Did I mention she’s…….
    An African Aphrodite
    Dark and sweet
    Pretty and perfect:
    Her front and behind
    So irresistible,
    Shall be a sinner:
    A temptation to commit
    Let heavens fall:
    ♍Ɣ ♍Ɣ ♍Ɣ!! I scream,
    In a nut shell, she’s but poetic…

    By Onyeche Vincent Onyekachukwu

    1 Comment

    1. TheTruepoesy says:

      Don’t like ♍Ɣ deep Emphatic expression ωhэn writing a falling in Love poem. Good !!!!



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