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Expression Eruption: Pigs & Rule

It’s a dirty game… What is it?
From freedom to chains and tattoos
From speak up to shut up by guns
Then speak up democracy is born
Born by the shores besides flames that burn.

Flames that made my father a man
Flames that hardened the minds of his wives
Flames ignited from religious repulsion
Flames thick and dark;
Flames that scares an hawk.

It’s a dirty game; but who’s to be blamed?
The Author of Animal farm, Man or Pigs?
Pigs that reprinted pics
Every four years since speak up wrote in epics
Epics that ruins the green and white apple pick…

I wonder what they find in a reign
The same sway and reign of terror.
Affirmative! Self-delusion is unrealistic
Someone should have an esteem
To tell the Ex-general to quit fantasy.

Expression Eruption: Self Esteem

Self-esteem is a merit
You earn it
If you are blind to haters.

Soul agitator; let them hate
Your self-esteem is apparent
It is the reality in the work of fiction.

Tales Of A Wife: Gillie

Funny when you have millions-
Millions of papers and friends
None as lovers in front of foes.

Frenzy emotional sounds of a triumpet
Muscles and flesh; getting noticed by pets
Nose that smells others; gillie not self
Freon frozen and a love that lies
Mountains that crawl and a valley that climbs
No fly zone with fishes and fingering that fly.

Friends forever outwardly, but foes within
Mustard and cress cultivated by lovelorn in inn
Not lovers but friends in love denied by love.
Friendship is that free run forever to the end
Magic potion not for diamonds and leads
Notice she’s in love but she chose to be
The GILLIE that never will break your heart!

Expression Eruption: Get out

All on a time, even in my bleeding life
I’ve never had a slow cut by a knife
So sharp in act but blunt in action
So slow and cutting timeless and rough…

Blood droplets on the floor like a piece of bread
Staggered cuts it gives my heart on my own bed..
Many is much; I’ve had enough
Bible can’t make me go back over the same ground…!

Get the hell out of my life!
Go off at a tangent you are a nightmare!!
Gather your belongings !!!
Get up and go!

Go away and take off like gunshot and bullets!
Go above and beyond away from my droplets!!
Go adrift if you like, move heavens and earth!!!
Go as far as the point the world has an end!

Go, just go it’s broken not bent but beyond mend!
Go while the shadows have tall ends!!
Go now while the sun is awake at another end!!!
Go so that this pain can joyfully end!

Go away just go
Go away you give me an endless rage inside!
Go now that the moon is by your side
Get out of my life, you are a previous slide!

Unrest Soul: Churches After Christ Death

Don’t go off in a huff
If I say God is not on your roof
Salvation is not found in a church
Don’t nail me to a cross
Or clothe me in dirty torn rags
Each time I go on a crying jag.

Don’t go off in a huff
When I say
Your large numbers are decorative salvation hunters
Amongst are saints and sinners
But claim to be righteous doers
And ready to go through the roof…

Don’t go off in a huff
When I say
We are not white in color;
After His death the crucifix changed
To a wealthy vision and objectives…
Will you make it If the blackboy comes?

Don’t go off in a huff
When I say
The devil is alive
And my cross belongs within me
For, how many will you alternate when
Every church has its own black field.

Expression Eruption: Confidence

Confidence is a breath of life
It is the reason why birds can fly
It is a stand with a lifetime guarantee.

Confidence is a hat on the brave head
It pulls metallic minds towards greatness
It is the force in the magnetic field.

Confidence is a catalyst to love
It’s energetic and gives life inside
It’s a spice God must have use to build the world.

Expression Eruption: Peace

There’s this thing that takes time to turn
The background radiation is radioactive in the air.

This thing is an entity in the soul dirt
The world is natural unstable without it.

This thing is an end point reached by death
This thing is abundantly alive; why die to first taste it?…

This thing can hardly be redressed without a fight
Take time to swim you will understand this thing I sing.

This thing can match makeup and attires
This thing can unite hairstyles and colors.

This thing puts an end
To the tricky tribal trials they called taboos.

Take a time to swim then you will concur
That this thing is freedom, harmony and peace.

Tales Of A Wife: Glass and Light

Seen her when she undresses?
…Sorry you must be a light
Superbly you go through with the keys…
The keys that fits her lock
The keys that unlocks the devil’s mind
The hearts that never smile to a joker nor the lust…

Such heart is the easiest to love
So big and small, fresh but dry and tender
Such heart can’t be stolen while you slumber
Touch her like the morning sunlight
Take her to heaven and get her ignited
Tears of pain even a leprosy feels its pain…

Simply tell her that your heart beats on fast rates
Simply tell her she’s a lie never to be told in lies
Simply tell her she’s a reflecting glass never to be broken in life…
Touch her like the morning light
Touch her and invade her inside out
Touch her slow, for you are the light…

Expression Eruption: Did I?

Did I ever tell you I love you
Did I ever stare when you were talking
Did I ever laughed more than a joker
Did I ever had my brains rotate like a revolver
Did I ever eat your cake without prayers
Did I…
You said you were different and certainly you showed it. 

Did I ever kissed you with my eyes lock-up
Did I ever hold your hands in public
Did I ever introduce you to my pally
Did I ever held you back when you were living
Did I ever go moody each time you were crying
Did I….
You are such a good heartbreak…

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