e-Paper Poetry of Vinx

Native Fly: King Of Agbor

Never knew how rich
A place called a land
By the Bini empire is.

Iyare… Iyare!
By the hallway
An elderly woman praised.

The winding horn blow
Calling out the mighty ‘Agwu’
Whose presence terrifies an enemy…

Iyare… Iyare!
Eze bu’ eze
An elderly woman praised
As he sits on his golden thrown.

The ruler of a town
Town with a cheerful heart
Dein they call him
Dein Keagborekuzi.

The roaring lion of Boji-boji
Youngest king crowned
All over the world.

The youngest King ever
Whose name flows
Wonderfully to the world
In none stop never
Right from Orogodo River
Sitting on his golden throne.

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