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Ode: My Daughters’ Birthday

Wake up
Wake up, my little daughter
Its that time in a year
They say to your ear
Have no fear

Have no fear
Even if its all mallam to his kettle
There is a new droplet of water
In every kettle you handle
My little daughter.

You shall never stand still
Or get your feet planted
Today sometime ago
Your small innocent head flowed
Flowed out of a sequester.

Don’t be confused by a grammar
Never do
Mum displayed a drama
Wonderful hearing your first trauma
Today sometime ago.

It pleasures in knowing
A lot of advancement
Time just gets you growing
Into a beautiful Queen

Its 12am, wake up
Wake up
Remember today,
Is your birthday
So better get the party started.

Get that your ajebo body bubbling
Never forget to show your teeth too
No one cares if it is up to thirty-two
The more smile the more the fun
The more the certainty of the verb
Of love your friends got for you.

Candles and cake
Should be seen in the scene
Is that assurance of
Long life and prosperity.

The candlelight shall lead you through
The path of Jubilation
Blow it off and make a wish.

The cake is sweet
So fun shall be overjoyed
Its job is not done
See you my wonderful daughter,
On your birthday next year
Or whenever you are born.


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