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Unintentional Existence: A Mother’s Love

  • Verse I.
  • She is a mother
    Her weakness gets her stronger
    Like the world seven ancient wonders
    Her love is the Pyramids of Egypt: one true wonder
    Lasting and standing forever.

    She gives words from her heart
    Fuelled by the deepest candid
    God blind me!
    Every eye that sees
    Sure knows- she is love
    That never disappears
    Like the rest six ancient wonder.
    If your love is like hers
    No one will be unable to call to mind
    Not even a brain feather.

    A mother’s love for a child
    Is more stronger than bonds that bind.
    Like elephants will smell water from far afield
    Mother’s love for a child is indeed
    The only love blind to ever find.

  • Verse II.
  • Her love is syrupy sweet
    Daytime, she comforts him
    Like moth that clings to lawn
    Nighttime, she’s there to guide
    Like groove directing movement;

    She is not just a mammy,
    She is the child’s impression
    She’s part of the Childs’ gene
    The cast in the movie “natural life “
    The best thing next to him in life:

    If she could she would
    Deter dehydrogenase from action
    For her love is an alcohol of passion
    That shouldn’t be transformed
    For whatsoever fashion:

    On her arms she rocks her child
    One more drunk she permits,
    One of the ways she proves
    A mother’s love is
    The only love blind to ever find.


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