e-Paper Poetry of Vinx

Joshua’s Cigarrette

Mixed with a couple of things
Joshua is one lonely ace
Who stays over the base,
Five miles away.

Smoky clouds over his base
Much for his innocent face
No cigar in-between his lips?
Then you’ve not seen any of his pace.

“Josh is a case
Stay off his shameful base”
Folks warns their kids
Who knits to his lace.

Joshua knows the significance
To every pair in Noah’s ark
Hoping love flood would quench
Every bit of flame down to ashes.

Keeping his fingers cross
Like a pistol,
In and out
The cigarette goes

Joshua takes a drag
He looks at the leaflet
“Smoker are liable to death”
With a deep breath

Shaking his head
He takes another drag
If love be so sure,
It better quench this flame.


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