e-Paper Poetry of Vinx

Come to think of it,
No one is beautiful in the dark
No one is an Ocean that never lacks
No eye sees its every back
No one knows all about his very self
These are what I consider dark.

Can a man live without a sin?
No no no! The answers shall sing
No man can singly bring forth a child
No man can boast of a shadow free
No scar in the dark but
To every light there is a corresponding darkness.

Care of
Nothing but obstruction in the dark
No game wins without a goal
No perfect and stainless married life
No one can be
The most beautiful and perfect at same time.

Could darkness be a curse to light?
No one factor shines forever
None; as holy as the Holy Bible
None: but if you find
That thing might be a unicorn

Never existed and
Can’t be in the dark.


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