e-Paper Poetry of Vinx

He is so into her
He wish to be the captain in her ship
“Leme be your ruler” so he voices
You belongs to me
And I belong to you.

She’s a nation
Willing to grow to green
Involved with him
Down to her coat of arm
Don’t blame her.

She’s so pretty
Hence dates several him
“O I really love you”
She always believe him
Questions answered

Yes is the english
She only knows how to speak
Somebody please teach her
That the five foreign words from him
Are but irony by him.

They turn her blue to red
Red is the colour of love
But this is way of it
What happens to her on black skin
Still happens to her when she bleach

Every good discussions
She wish to take
Or wish should make
Her lovers oppose it
Like acid to base.

“I will lighten up the dark space for you”
Her new date assures
O it isn’t the first time
Anyone appear so close
Yet not near; “mirage alike”.

On green white green
All the way they come and go
We are people wish they are synergids
In a flowering plant
Just go away and never come back.


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