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Onyeche be patient,
The name as an ancient
Arises from colourful inn
Flowing down the same stream
You are but an Allen within
Calling out for a touch
And breath of the earth.

Onyeche be patient
Your name says you can wait
See! You are as unique
As regions that snows
A song to be sung and sang
It isn’t drumming now
Doesn’t mean the wind is silent.

Onyeche be patient!!!
You have no fish brain
Yes! ears that are not deaf
Yes you are;
Prone to hear sounds
Ignore, Ignore and ignore!
Hear but listen to none.

Onyeche be patient
Life brought you this far
Existence you never bought
From sperm several stem cells
That springs fought the best
And strongest fruits of fame
Onyeche be patient.


  1. gift karo says:

    Bro I love this write up


    • Onyeche Vincent Onyeka says:

      Thanks You Mr Gift! I so appreciate the comment from my best friend then in Primary School (Santa Maria Primary School, Ibusa)



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