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Teen’s Dream

This allosteric heart of mine
Has got me into loving again
An uncertain trade for a gain
The lady in me moan
The moan of love
Deep within from a several gaze
Of, I think I have finally found you.

‘Bring more my friend, how much is it’
His thick lovely voice raised me high
Then the golden gate of heaven
Slammed before me, I fell
This is that kind of love
Quickly traded for a sin
O! Yeah sinner… My pastor will say:

Should I be blamed-
Or be God?
He is a prototype of an angel
His look is bright and beautiful
Need his ears to sing a new song.
‘Hi’, he said starring at me
With a sky-looking gaze I ignored;

‘Hey’, I finally replied in lady’s mood,
So fast we became friends
A lock and key model
I am the only one
Who could unlock his affection
I guess we were made to be
From heaven a perfect match

We walk and walked
Down the dark lonely road
Talked and talked
Of course laughed and laughed
Time ran so slow
Our mood became slow
The way home seemed stretched

I stretched my hands around
Around his tender short neck
As he grabbed my feminine thigh
The next part
Would have been the best
Kukurookooooo! the cock crowed

Bang bang bang
Granny banged my door
‘Wake up you lazy girl
It is past six you’ll be late for school”
Eyes open, all I had was
A lifeless pillow in-between me
It shouldn’t have been a dream.


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