e-Paper Poetry of Vinx

There is this glass membrane
That separates me from…
-you know what?
Just forget the name

Whenever I looked through
Through I see someone not me
Pretty, cool and true
Making sense like a brain

Even when others where inch apart
At all times we had this complex
Science say our understanding was
A permeable membrane

Each day we talked
In close contact
Or through the glass
Clear your thought

It isn’t what you think
Well: that was sometime ago
Now the transparent glass
Has got a silver coat behind it

All I see is me
Starring at myself
Laterally at me
Yelling in disbelieve

Come on cry cry cry!
Can’t you see
See how meaningless
And fast the hand of time dance

Come on cry
Cry cry cry
Life is a poem
Not meant for smile all the time.


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