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Holding Hands

Excuse me please
May I have your hand:
Not just figuratively
Just do as I do,
All and all who
Grace planet earth and breath.

Like the Sun picks out gold pieces
While making contact to earth
Hold mine and I will hold another
Who will hold another
And the other another
In that order.

Hey you there, my dear
Take a faithful step closer
Into the bracket
Bracket of joined hands
Take a grab and get impinged
All the way to higher

Love know no bounds
Over the mountains,
Valleys and rivers
Hey you there, my dear
Long distance or not
Just give it a shot.

Black or white
All around the world
Like technology connects
Grab a tentacle
Feathers from fathers
Mothers, sons and daughters.

Hello world, its today
Like pipes of plumbers
Let’s hold hands together
We never can tell
It might be
A sure code to eternity.


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