e-Paper Poetry of Vinx

Pardon me,
Pardon me if…
I call you gods
Cause you create life!

I know an earthly lady
Whose appearance makes
Every class sprightly stand
She’s not the first daughter
Yet she makes Flavor sings
“Ada.. Ada!!”.

Not the first lady or might be
Her leading role factually
Affront those that hates
No exaggeration
Her very beauty
Could capsize a boat.

Picture this image I paint
For this craft has a song
“Sweet mother
I no go forget you”
All heart within
Swiftly gets drumming.

If you are alive or
Ever breathed
Most definitely
You came from one
Call her Nne
Call her Mother!

Let her be any distraction
A child’s shield a sweet kiss
A mans destiny
Or his weakness
Don’t be weary: At
Seventy she’s still sweet.


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