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Adam’s Story: Eve 3 (Adam Meets Eve)

Scared of miss-folding
So I began to search
Search for what?
Some path of me
So I felt and searched in faith.

Destiny was a young lad
It pointed and directed me
So I saw a thing same as me
Doing her thing chemically
Rejuvenating me inwardly.

Has an angel.. in flesh
Missed landed onto Eden?
This and many more
Medley of voices
Questioned my empty head.

O high is heaven
The best on Eden
Time to give a name to expression
For she looked;
Far brighter than the yellow sun

Best He ever made: first mould
And original copy of beautiful
All her marks had a remark
Well pronounced head to toes
Eyes, lips.. forget not her perfect curve.

The snake walked on its legs
I was still blind from lust
Yet I could feel and fall
For not just a thing
But the first woman on earth.

“Bone of my bone”: I quickly said
My missing rib I found
Light in my heart
Like the stars in the dark
Eve: I finally met.


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