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Tales Of A Wife: Knock Harder

Knock harder even if,
His heart is gone
With the smokes from his cigarette
And the wind helped to spread it out
Knock harder young child.

Knock harder even if,
His heavy hadal head has decided to rest
Or his ears are locked,
With pillows and a blanket
Knock harder young child.

Knock harder even if,
Daddy daughters made him go deaf
Save no sigh, till he replies
Even the lion show mercies
Knock harder young child.

Knock harder even if,
He is on a hunt to catch a Zs
That not even a thunder on a wet bed
Nor lightening or a cock-crow at midday
Can take him off a slumber

Knock harder my child even if
His heart is gone
With the smokes from his cigarette
And the wind helped to spread it out
Knock till he comes back.

Ode: Nature (Tribute to Steve Jobs)

When Nature has a work to do
She creates a genius for the do
Microsoft a thought for the ill
Bill made his bill and took to the hill.

When Nature has a work to do
She creates a genius for the do
No such escape for such mark
Facebook has a mark a very large ark.

When Nature work is done
So soon, she off a genius on
Apple not an apple anymore
Steve Jobs did his job then she knocked.

Adam’s Story: The Bite

On me did a perfectly unselfish act
On a selfish motives he triumphs a lot

Hell is truth seen just too late
The forbidden truth we ate

In the faces of life and death
I see Gods signature in dot

On it we lied and was swept
Chased from ever awake to slept.

I am Adam the first
The tree in Eden is my debt

When things go hard criticise my bite
But I didn’t take u down that depth

Its in your options to carefully pick
Or resist so you don’t fall sick

I know blood tells too much
It runs in the vein if you permit such.

Adam’s Story: Observing time

Didn’t grow from baby to teen
I was the only man
Created with a teeth
Well, when I was younger
After the flies around my bottom
Took me into the lesser greenland
I ran into difficulties
It so showed in my eyes and hands
But, when my skin began to wrinkle
Difficulties ran into me
Then I noticed
I was on a running clock call time.

Adam’s Story: A Time

There was a time
The heart never gave a dime

Necessities equalled wants
And then men resembled God.

Adam’s Story: Abel

Apple doesn’t fall far from its tree
Blood not wine, like father like son
I saw my hope go up in smoke
What did Abel do?
Lossing him was
Like a bolt from the blue.

Adam’s Story: Birth

In the genesis of life
Surely I see beyond my nose
A revolution of kinds from kinds
First they cried, died and cried
And it almost looked like it never ends.

It was the forth chapter
Brain ran through default and alter
Blood not wine, the first from mankind
Another me that I found
No mirror I watched and had a sound mind.

Not one if you count
Each time he came,
He was an outstanding chap
A devil of a fellow
And a chip of the old block

Seth could lie on rocks
Abel followed Cain
Like the joy of the rain
They all craved to see
How the cat make a jump.

Unintentional Existence: My Life

I’ve seen her through
Nothing else but
I’ve seen her in a whole new light
Utilised and also burnt daylight
First I knew not; until blank to life.

I’ve seen her through
Desires and taste; her food I ate
I’ve seen her into a mighty millstone
Even when a hell was round my neck
I didn’t relent cause she’s a beaut inbuilt in me.

She compels me into all complexion
To see in true colours not just a crown
Fresh till it burns to cinder
New to old and old to new,
Nothing of her last forever.

Not even a smooth road when I drive
My hope will go up in smoke if I should die
So I gear down to see how the wind blow
Driving so safe to see how the squares go
For she is my life: a life I see for myself.

Don’t be lazy

Hey rise up and shine
Sedentary lifestyle is no good for a luck
Sun stands and shine,
Only till the time stops to count

Hey rise up and shine
Books are not meant for writers alone
Brain is an empty vessel by default
Only you can fill it, so wake up, work and walk to the top.

Hey rise up and shine
Wake up don’t lay to add everyday
While the sun is out its smart to make hay
Or you shall die poor before your day.

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