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Adam’s Story: 9,30 (Death1)

The devil may be older
But my generation is far stronger
I know my cord!!!

Far before Abraham
And the you, you are now
Every masquerade died a donkey age

I was indeed a man in His sight
At my time, the atmosphere was pure
Until the light became lighter and blur

I seek to secure my soul
But the fact is, I wish I could fight
To stay behind and carry every child

My rising soul reaches its V-max
Far apparent and heavier than
My wrinkled flesh and dying bones

My legs and hands were weaker
My voice was slow, deep and cracked
My ears heard sounds; mute and loud

It was by 9:30
Within the slightest flash
They turned off the light

My soul was free, not held tight
Now I felt, what it was like
Being in Abel’s shoes

More cruel
And heartless than his brother Cain.

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