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Unintentional Existence: My Life

I’ve seen her through
Nothing else but
I’ve seen her in a whole new light
Utilised and also burnt daylight
First I knew not; until blank to life.

I’ve seen her through
Desires and taste; her food I ate
I’ve seen her into a mighty millstone
Even when a hell was round my neck
I didn’t relent cause she’s a beaut inbuilt in me.

She compels me into all complexion
To see in true colours not just a crown
Fresh till it burns to cinder
New to old and old to new,
Nothing of her last forever.

Not even a smooth road when I drive
My hope will go up in smoke if I should die
So I gear down to see how the wind blow
Driving so safe to see how the squares go
For she is my life: a life I see for myself.

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