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Unrest Soul: Pharaohs (1)

Chickenpox can’t strike a host twice
Its the thunder bolt alike and likewise.

You can’t find fire in an ice
There might be truth in a lie
But a lie is a lie, and you know.

No fly would enjoy a ride
In a stormy cloud so it hides
For who would wish to crawl
Underneath the sands and stones?
So you nail my brain
With a hammer from my faith.

Faith for coin you continuously demand
Sick: you visit the best of medic land
Where is my faith; oh I’m blind!
I’m down with no bill or Kobo
Your pockets heavy, come pray for me!!!

Please Don’t Take Her

Black boy please don’t take her
The sounds from her voice
Exercises my heart
Well recorded and stored
In my brains large bytes
I’m possessed by her
She’s the only evil
A Pope wouldn’t exorcise.
An Adams’ Eve
The right from my left
Take all, but leave her
For she’s all to ever have left
Let’s negotiate please don’t take her.

Tales Of A Wife: Yes I do!

She is holding flowers and dancing
At same time, her gown sweeps the floor,
Transgressing wide open white thirty-two
The right cast coping with glamour too
Her shadows are growing with full intense
As though, angry with the front door.

Dancing towards the mere suit and tie
‘Happiest day ever’, her joy cry
But to me everyday with her has a joy
Unlike a clown it smiles both in and out.
She is the only thing pure on dirty earth
Gravitational force, all fall
Whiter than a snow and white itself.

Deep blue silence and a pleasant smell
Love dictates, on my note it’s an easy spell
Refilling ink, it compels me to take a flight
The wind beneath my wings o here she is
If she isn’t sitting next to me on a throne,
I’m a King skull that has lost a crown.

My heart a mortal, hers is the pistol
Getting me needy, her smiles ignites me
Combustion of my burning fire
She has always been and will be
Sweeter than a bulk of fantasy

For her I can be anything
Even if memory is on factory restore
I’ll be a bell if she needs a recall.
Before Ebola comes, let’s make love
O there she comes, together we stand
Looking so sweet, proud I made the call.

Landmark achievement
Her faces on my hall of fame
She takes my hand
Saying; “can we build a town”?
She always frequents hell for my sake,
To get the fire to boil an icy lake

I swear this love is the sweetest cake
I’m certain it is true for heaven sake
Unconditionally; this is radioactive
Exposed to a budding virus
Deeply invading and Infecting us
The Cupid no lie envy us.

She is and will always be
The cornea of my eyeball
My booting screen
She has been and will always be
A dancing lady in long white gown
Forever and ever… O yes I do!

Tales of a wife: Broken hearts

Have you wondered why hearts are broken
Or why decisions to board an ark
Was a colour chosen by the blind
When a cup was tasty for a wine
Sailing till it got lost in the sea
Little to the left didn’t save the right
Four eyes off one
A pillow that once squeezed back
When rings weren’t off track
Had a note that read
“Don’t put it red on my knife”
So he kissed his wife
To the light shone bright
For it is just the tales of a wife.

Tales of a Wife: Infection

My life infatuation
The reason doctors say I’m sick
When I am rejuvenating deep within
Written so thick with an ink
They pronounced names
Heavily thick. Sounding like greek.

I agree I’ve got her infection: but,
I don’t need no disinfection
Understand; she is my protection
My apple possession I fashion
My retarded serendipity
She’s the virus my immune loves.

I don’t need no siphoning
Her loving is my immune reaction
I wouldn’t mind if its kills me
Even if she has a jagged knife
No one else could be a wife
Standing in a portrait of my life.

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