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Unintentional Existence: Black Boy

When nature created life,
She also created death
O live and die
That’s what she said to you
So why rain curse only on me?

Life her first messenger
Through you, I am but the second
Pass on the orientation
That’s what she said to you
So why the hatred when the time is due?

Nature is the only real building I manage
You’ve never appreciated a shelter
Nor my job yet you living live in it.
No man lives forever, remember!
How else do you expect me to put a c in clever?

Life is but a door and I don’t control the lock
When she slams it; a command I obey
Sad you may feel
But If only you know how I feel too
Nature knows best I am the black boy.

When life comes back around
You never think of two
An hero is nothing without a coward
Life at the front door death at the back
Why do hate when you are dwell in our house?


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