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Expression Eruption: Time by chance

Time is by chance
An evil eye on destiny toe
Ticking clock compass to underneath
The blankets of covered dust
In the field of greenish grass
Up the air to places where vultures dwell.

To live is time by a pretty chance
Cut not a rope of a fetching can
Although sooner it shall dump
The run-off into a deep well.

While a life lives,
It converts friends to foes
Sometimes though it holds
Like ants living in a hole.

Time is by chance
Seemingly life obviously political
Burning like acids applied topical
Omitting ‘ar’ from the word army
Committing a silence
If it doesn’t add up ‘ene’ to make enemy
And also if every second that ticks
Clicks right and gives the best for a lick
Time is by chance
What makes an hero.


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