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Expression Eruption: An artillery call

Listen to
My artillery call
It’s for protection
Listen to
My plead of recognition
In every profession
There is a junction of obstruction.

Listen to
My call of survive
It demands for an explosion
Listen to
My cry of no-surrender
Invading the jury of vindication
The ten toad-stones around my neck is broken.

Listen to
My call of eruption,
It’s an expression
Listen to
My trembling voice, pave way
I’m just scared and surrounded; send down
The toast of flame on enemies of progression.

Expression Eruption: Biochemistry II

Thank thou biochemistry
Thy bless thee with gift of poetry
And thee know why tall is to trees
And long to colon of that fed on grass.

To thee thou said, nothing like Abiko
Transcribe nothing; believe everything
In hindrances, there is a blockage
In pathway for impossibility to exist.

Exquisitely explaining existence
Every life has a molecular story
Translated by replication along dogma
To live, act, and die.

Biochemistry is Jack the all trader
Brain of the genus God
That makes success in
The most competitive market of life.

Unintentional Existence: Repository Cistron (Gene)

Every second on a call
Every words she says
And stores in cistron dust
Had been said days before
And days after by the same
Silence at the end;
… Now and then she calls.

Talking to a doll through a dull
Probably hearing all or not at all
Packing emotions in repository dust
That is shuffled and floating in air
Longer and larger than its container
Hoping for flesh or fresh start at the end
… Now and then she calls.

Unintentional Existance: Persecutors

Don’t think
I didn’t
Probably I did but

Do not believe
In eyewitnesses

Do ritually believe
In DNA fingerprints
Patten of differences.

Unrest Soul: Man & Gods

He created the world
Hiding wisdom
But buried knowledge above and beneath the sands.

Man finds it
Man began to raise a tower
Unity in curiosity they grew taller

Pointless words He cursed the tongues
Point zero all efforts returned
Out of the blue, Adam’s adopted wisdom grew

Miracles of life; science & technology
Socrates & Aristocrat gene preserved:
So chemicals can make anything including life?

Mans’ problematic
Isn’t doubting if God exist
It just asking; ‘how?’ like mathematics

Inherited down the genre of Einstein
The tower of Babel was ancient
Technology can get man to heaven

Seeking to evade; probably see Him:
Soon maybe tomorrow, it shall be
A bloodbath: a battle of Man and Gods.

A Chat By Brothers

During the days
Days of Dads retirement
Celebration for a new pensioner
On and Off-line
O my brother Uche
Placed Dads’ handsome picture
Over the blackberry messenger
On his public message he wrote:

“Would like to say congrats…
Love you soooo much…
Even if…
I’ve never said it to your face.”

I: Na 9ja pikin you be na

Uche: Lol… Na so e be for Africa joor

I: Have you been to other places?

Uche: In spirit, via inception

I: SA and Ghana are straightforward
Even Tanzania maybe but I must be wrong

Uche: That means we have a long way to go…
Besides I feel if I tell Pops now sef…
He’ll think I’m drunk….
Or worse “I’m about 2 die”.

I: Die, lol…
God made the fools, brainy, Angels and man,
Whichever one is, appreciate it
No mara how you pray, you can’t grow wings
As for telling Dad “I love You”
It is nt a sin: is it?

Uche: Lol, Isn’t.
But feels alien.
Like the taste of acid

I: Then be an alien for the moment
A taste of acid is repository of death
If you must die to tell your papa
‘I love u”
Isn’t it better to die that way
Than to die as Romeo for Juilet?

Expression Eruption: Love is generic

Love is generic
Overheard overseen
Overlaid overpaid
Yet an overdue attention

Love is generic
Over-and-over, it is piggybacked
Yet not overuse nor over-age

Love is generic
Overshadowing an overall picture
Overhung and over-sang,
Yet an over-ignored melody

Love is generic
Over-and-out, somehow overstaying
Overdone overly
Yet an overestimate bill in irony

Love is generic
Over-read and over-known
Overflowing from an overhead tank
Yet it is rekindling and never over.

Expression Eruption: Folk-tale We Fell Fall

In the whole of the Igbo land
In and out even West and North
In days when the clay had its pride
No one does it better
Better than Ukpe the fire maker.
Bound in reds and white chalk paint
Bare eyes might watch
Bushy grass and two stones
Bla bla bla he incarnate and sings
Behold from nowhere flame he makes
No one does it better until we realize
That his songs were just a blush
The folk tale we all fell for.

Unrest Soul: Warlords

As a legman I suggested he surrender
Before the area got painted by danger
Bangs and shouts, is all I remember
Wondering why men so love disorder.

To be honest don’t spend your time
Thinking of death or the day you’ll die
Show me a man that wouldn’t cough
And I’ll show you a man in cigarette form.

In reluctance heroes are infertile
Would you be a slave or be a freeman
Answers were right; but my face lost all expression
As he intently went for another gambit.

Mumbling in stupor; we are surrounded
Mouse in the plate of ten hungry cats
I whispered, ’tis time to let go
Roll down the eyes and fake a defeat

Bow your king so we can live
Brother quit fishing in a dead sea
Turns off the light so we may escape
It isn’t engraved in an illegible writing.

He exclaimed
It is check-mate
Folks began fighting; he then disappeared

Outside I woke
On my bottom
He walked up to me saying;
Warlords don’t surrender.

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