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Expression Eruption: Alcohol

If in your tongue,
She taste good like the morning wine
Should I advice you or watch your
Shyness hide inside her ?
Shout scream or sing: whichever!
Shag her not to be impregnated.

Silly friends give her out willingly
So be not fooled by an innate action
For the days I liked her, she liked me too.
I felt good, excited, uplifted
Never to forget, free and intoxicated
Luckily I could find my way back.

Certain days I just couldn’t let her go
The climax of overwhelming joy
Orally I take her down to the bottom
She slams me with a mere depression
Staggering in-between the winds
Mind mild and lighter than the air
One way or another I find my way back.

Through the mouth or nose
I send her out of my fathers temple
Yet a kiss from the lips of a cup
Is an apple before Adams eyes
She shag me into sedation
But when I wake, I always seek for her.

Sad and happy, the moments shared
I feel no pain with her in my vein
This feeling is one of those without a name
Slow mood on, let brain do the work
Stupor she exclaim before my blur sight
It is a pity; she takes me deep into coma.

She is an underrated divinity
That opens the windows of wonders
To be misunderstand, o my addiction
Started from a sip to intoxication
Till the black boy brings trepidation
Together forever she takes me into its box.

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