e-Paper Poetry of Vinx

Unrest Soul: Warlords

As a legman I suggested he surrender
Before the area got painted by danger
Bangs and shouts, is all I remember
Wondering why men so love disorder.

To be honest don’t spend your time
Thinking of death or the day you’ll die
Show me a man that wouldn’t cough
And I’ll show you a man in cigarette form.

In reluctance heroes are infertile
Would you be a slave or be a freeman
Answers were right; but my face lost all expression
As he intently went for another gambit.

Mumbling in stupor; we are surrounded
Mouse in the plate of ten hungry cats
I whispered, ’tis time to let go
Roll down the eyes and fake a defeat

Bow your king so we can live
Brother quit fishing in a dead sea
Turns off the light so we may escape
It isn’t engraved in an illegible writing.

He exclaimed
It is check-mate
Folks began fighting; he then disappeared

Outside I woke
On my bottom
He walked up to me saying;
Warlords don’t surrender.

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