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Expression Eruption: Dora

Dora is a gift, a name given to a lady
Who knows how to sauce her meal.
She cherish the heart
Atrium to ventricle she sole protects.

Dora is the peace two nations lack
Whoever have her in arm way
Shouldn’t have to buy
An explosive to drop in Gaza.

During the times of trepidations
When the hammer has no nail
She is there beside him
All stitches she tends.

Dora is the queen of affection
Wine of the best qualities
Soul sweetener
And will never scuttle or vanish away

Days with her can be so sluggishly fast
When the mind wishes to deny natures love for time.

She is the apple and juice not all can taste
A confirmation of a complex formation.

Unrest Soul: Rebirth

Existence is an impossible phenomenon
So if you exist, nothing is impossible.

I often peep through my window
Before I sleep and the roofs I see
Gets replaced and changed each time I wake.

Starring at the streets, I see
A wonderful world on mans drawing board
Sufficient unto the day, my eyes can’t say
For man has spectacularly made hay
That mother nature should be proud to say
Her dusty earth may wish to pay.

Expression Eruption: August

Nothing like a night in August
When the weather is so trusted
Where a sailor can sleep aboard
And still sail the ship of mind
Safely into fairytale land.
Showing how far the harvest goes
Barns every farmer begins to build.
Beauty of the outer space is light
Bright,the moon is up all night
Children born in August
Come with teeth and are lions by nature,
Crown kings of what they do, pace-setters
And the flagship of the fleet
August in a nutshell is a month of greatness.

Tales Of A Wife: City Of Calabar

Mixed with the wind, still waters run deep
Coming-hell ears hear, hot love she drops
City of the clean, adorable and immaculate
A mouth that never runs her own lips
Nor heap a pad where there is or isn’t a hip
Natural overwhelming platonic expression
Philanderer addiction, the vortex of an ocean
Phone number to have, soft and fluffy downy lotion
Aphrodisiacs posterity and an erotic generation
Acoustic sensation of dreams come true on
Chilli bed of an unflappable function
Climaxing to hell beside the phrase maker
Mother library of potion, sex love voucher.

Expression Eruption: March

The ‘-uary’s’ ends
Their long journey by foot
Recruiting soldiers to parading steps
Ribbonfish they be underneath the crying sky.

The month of March filters and glitters
Thoroughly it shines and surely it rains
Raging cold and oppressing the spouseless
Rubbing hands together, the plants grow well.

Tiara in corn crown, farmers shine their teeth
The minds of a business mind is edentulous
Regretting why march comes from the clouds
Road to happiness it shall bring when fool comes in a day.

Unrest Soul: Man’s hand

You never appreciate the hands of man
Until you see above the stoves and pan
The volume of water his basket can fetch
Standing on an eclipse endlessly search
For answers beyond the daylights glow
Sailing through the night on easy flow.

A sheet to a sheet the longer the rod
Stronger when he fight for no land
Knowing fully well the eclipse is large
With the thumb he makes his home
Independent of the torchlight from God
Evading shadows of impossible to dead-end

Come and explore, the wonders of men
Then when the world was younger
If I had put this in prayers,
Would you have said even a faint amen?
With all this his hands is an empty crate
Tagged ‘the Creators creation also creates’
Well, maybe not from the lips.

Expression Eruption: January

When will January die?
– Probably the day the earth is reformed
Or when it stops to itch and scratch
And no longer shows the now
And knows not what the future tells
Or the day wishes will kiss extinction
Infarcted by new or repeating resolution.

When will January die?
– Probably if no man walks before or
On its two-way valve, going in or out the time
Axilla worms down in thirty-one pages
And the mind worries not when it shall die
Otherwise January is a baby in every mind-eyes
Innocent foetus every year should be delivered of.

Expression Eruption: Alcohol

If in your tongue,
She taste good like the morning wine
Should I advice you or watch your
Shyness hide inside her ?
Shout scream or sing: whichever!
Shag her not to be impregnated.

Silly friends give her out willingly
So be not fooled by an innate action
For the days I liked her, she liked me too.
I felt good, excited, uplifted
Never to forget, free and intoxicated
Luckily I could find my way back.

Certain days I just couldn’t let her go
The climax of overwhelming joy
Orally I take her down to the bottom
She slams me with a mere depression
Staggering in-between the winds
Mind mild and lighter than the air
One way or another I find my way back.

Through the mouth or nose
I send her out of my fathers temple
Yet a kiss from the lips of a cup
Is an apple before Adams eyes
She shag me into sedation
But when I wake, I always seek for her.

Sad and happy, the moments shared
I feel no pain with her in my vein
This feeling is one of those without a name
Slow mood on, let brain do the work
Stupor she exclaim before my blur sight
It is a pity; she takes me deep into coma.

She is an underrated divinity
That opens the windows of wonders
To be misunderstand, o my addiction
Started from a sip to intoxication
Till the black boy brings trepidation
Together forever she takes me into its box.

Tales Of A Wife: She Wants To Stay

She wants to stay but
Ironical, nothing can be so glad
Than a man in the dark
Singing: “no, call it off”
With a dry chin smiling at her.

She never planned
Going through hell
With children bestowed by the light
When the moon was insight.

She wants to stay
Underneath it,
Where they had asked
How does planes make an height
Evading gravity’s hand?

She wish to leave no dirty dish
Difficult making it through
A day without a fight.
Yet she wants to stay
For the kids, for him
Even when it was once upon a time
There was a rose in a scanty farm
Farmers turn lawyers
Seriously arguing
What’s the meaning of love
When it’s a drug saving like a bank
Cutting deep and killing like a knife
Do I stay and close my eyes
Or run as fast as I can
Faraway from an axe
Tears in her eyes; while she ask,
For no marriage is perfect,
Even the sun dims its light.

Unrest Soul: Pharaohs (2)

It isn’t just a fall from height tall
No man can kick an earth like a ball
Standing on it with or without the law.

Pharaohs are those
Who falsely carve, frame and present
The book of life as an only pillow
Whereas they see me
As a dummy when I follow.

Pharaohs are those
Everywhere around an innate man
They dictate, I bow hiding a brow
Sitting on galvanised throne
They lead me through to hell
With the wings of an angel from heaven.

Pharaohs are those
I shame for fooling me ones
They would like to last forever but
The grass don’t stay green all the time.

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