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Tales Of A Wife: Addiction

Continence of love crested over me
Deep down downstream
It flows through my vein
Love baron; I play its dirty game
My habit’s addict opioids; no shame
In its zone I don’t need no naloxone.
Smoking hot; this love can cook a stone
So I always carve spot in her hotpot
Dwelling in love pot is so germ free
Detest love denial and express it
Don’t de-foliate the leaves on a wet root.

Eyes so shy; I can’t even stare
Well written over me; the blind sees.
Bone digging and deep eating
Love is a drug: use, disuse and abuse
Baron of beef the honey bee I choose,
Signalling; when I’m looking at a pumpkin”.

Even the waters have a run-off
Nothing is pure in a mere sense
Don’t antagonise nevertheless
Life is a no ink pen if love is bench
Even the fire complement the smoke
So smokers smoke never to get choke.

Valleys or mountains; let me surf
Happy is when love falls on a tongue
Down the aisle is where you find the drunk
Stinking; when they talk their breathe does
Call them an addict; heart is loose
Addiction is the countenance of love
That is what they will always choose.’

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