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Cock: Molesters

I don’t care if you fathered Gate
Lie if you lie or say a gospel truth
I’m just an innocent babe
Blessed by God to be fine,

All am saying is:
Get your grip out of my hip
My lip, my rip and my zip.

I don’t care the sizes of your balls
Large, long, tiny or small
I’m just a little babe
Blessed to be a replica of God,

All am saying is:
Get the hell out of my sleep
My trip, my ship and my crib.

Unrest Soul: Scaffolding divergence

Scaffolding divergence
Spending more time in labs
Spending all for knowledge currency
Same that made Adam hit the road
Same that the Bible warns of

Shall be good if ’tis the bible I read
So many scaffolds of divergence
So many of this and that,
Scaffolding and building
Scattering the core and calling.

May God forgive all my lectures
Who confuse me
Even when I need no genetic mutation
To embrace science facts and dump its fiction
May God forgive me and every scaffolds of divergence.

Unintentional Existence: Life is a dream pt.3

Dreams are real, past they come
The question is
Dear soul, would you remember
Your name; when you are up from bed
Or should sleep eventually refuse to end,
Dear soul, will you?

This dreams is real, that I know
But if the black-boy comes, fast or slow
The recall of the nightmare shall be no
Dreams are real, in death’s living eyes
The question is
Dear soul, would your memory recall?

Unintentional Existence: Life is a dream p.2

There is something about a dream
– Optics created by the brain
To pet or scare a marathon heart.

Take-heart, every breathe has a nightmare
Hence all wishes wish sweet-dreams
Tough as steel; not all taste sweet.

Ode: An average student

In and out: computer eats and flush
Ages of a genius they confer to such.

In a subject, many can write a book
A million version doesn’t change the truth.

What’s the fate of the faithful
If heaven judge a word for a word..?

If that is the stance to being a genius

I rather be mine, just an average student
Arguing not my deferring substance.

Unintentional Existence: Life is a dream

Dreams are not real but they come true.
Life is a dream that when death comes,
No one remembers
If he had drank from the cup of life.

Unrest Soul: The Devil

The devil is…
The wrong in every right.

Worried not in the night,
Perturbed not by the dark, but…
Provoked when it shines.

The devil is but…
The shadow image of God.

Expression Eruption: Your Opinion

Yes you can scream, scream
Yes your voice is loud, scream
Yes you got the ideas, say it
Yelling atop of knowledge knuckle.

Your voice is loud to your ears alone
Yet not all on eclipse earth can hear
Yelling is theory; technology is practical
Your opinions will never be heard.

Unrest Soul: Ignorance

Don’t ignore the smallest number
The smaller they are
The more dangerous they be.

Man is large and big
But without warfare
Little can he do to a small virus.

Ignorance is the sister to dumb
Into fifteen pieces two may break thirty
But a point-two can do it a hundred and fifty more.

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