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Unrest Soul: Nerd Myth

A little to the left tilts the right even
A creator may not be acquainted to his design
A gaze deep dead into his eyes
You will see a dark blood clot
You will see an iced tears impinged vein
Only live once says the sound from a gun
Others never dig: yet without a drop
Or soaked hankies: they take a turn
He searches for Solomon, Solo takes him on a tour
Hugh plight the Jackson faced
Elementary things don’t compensate
Easily imagined like a child’s dream
Such an element of want by a preachers wife
Such a lost shoe once worn on Michaels foot
Over and over again it keeps replaying
Over and over again like a tilt at windmills
Fighting ones ownself:
Friday’, where is my fun a nerd always ask while reading on friday night .

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