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Expression Eruption: Get out

All on a time, even in my bleeding life
I’ve never had a slow cut by a knife
So sharp in act but blunt in action
So slow and cutting timeless and rough…

Blood droplets on the floor like a piece of bread
Staggered cuts it gives my heart on my own bed..
Many is much; I’ve had enough
Bible can’t make me go back over the same ground…!

Get the hell out of my life!
Go off at a tangent you are a nightmare!!
Gather your belongings !!!
Get up and go!

Go away and take off like gunshot and bullets!
Go above and beyond away from my droplets!!
Go adrift if you like, move heavens and earth!!!
Go as far as the point the world has an end!

Go, just go it’s broken not bent but beyond mend!
Go while the shadows have tall ends!!
Go now while the sun is awake at another end!!!
Go so that this pain can joyfully end!

Go away just go
Go away you give me an endless rage inside!
Go now that the moon is by your side
Get out of my life, you are a previous slide!

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