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Tales Of A Wife: My Devil

Temptations to wear your gloves and mask
They shouldn’t have told you
That your look so devilish
Tremendously catastrophic each time you smile…

A light in the dark
A pretty configuration
A pressure barometer
A conspicuous adoration..

Brown and vivacious,
Bet it: I watched your transformation
Body looking grown and so well kept
Blaming Heavens for creating such a vessel…

You are the sinful right for a sinner
Your dark lashes and waist are the killer
You should know by now for
You are the Devil I always remember…

Tales Of A Wife: Honeymoon

Make your blanket a tent
We have that underdog talent
To crawl to heaven by feet…

Like dogs our tongue shall lick
Every bit of salt,
Makeups and perfume worn…

Kiss me with a smile
To blow my mind
Forever and ever: all the time…

Worry not the cardiac
Touch my body while we play ball
Sucking like suckling: we naked in cold…
Arouse me and keep me up
Between the crab legs
Or behind the magnificent apple behind…

Hug me, caress me, squeeze me
Like it’s the last time you will ever see me
Underneath your flaring tent, mill me…

Arouse me and keep me up
Let’s be gods for the moment
Naturally creating life all night long…

Until the sun cast our shadows
Rocking and stroking in honeymoon
…Don’t stop the action…

Tales of a wife: I’ve Gone Fishing

I’ve gone fishing in the deep
To catch a whale that guides to the black
No ferry no cruiser no hooks, gears and nets
Just me; drowning as a potential enticement…

I’ve gone fishing in the deep
Struggling away from the dark
No sleep nor rest or dulling sheep
Tides and waves I’ve seen all in dark…

I’ve gone fishing in the deepest oceans of ages
Territories of crocodiles and sharks
Flesh and red blood loving creations
My heart is perforated my vein gives a spillage…

I’ve gone fishing in the deep blue seas
Searching for a big fish with my brain that sees
One with an appropriate gene for a Nation
Together we make Christmas alongside a family tree…

I’ve gone fishing in the deepest oceans
To be in the black isn’t to take a blacksmith heat
Curse mine to be harder than a diamond
But my diameter shall be a priceless gold…

I’ve gone fishing in the deep
To bring pride to my ancestry sleep
Let them be proud of their seeds
A profit the tellers shall always say…

I’ve gone fishing in the deep blue seas
Searching for a fish compelled to greatness
Searching for a curse that perfuse through prosperity
Searching for a black alongside a white down the aisle….

I’ve gone… fishing searching for piles of fat
One that lacks nothing: not even a beautiful art
Inside and out a godly mermaid pure in heart
That will welcome me eachtime I return with a taste of life….

Unrest Soul: OriMan

It all began
From inexcusable hour life began
Then there was no vowel for the an
Neither was an already mined earth
No pollen nor anther that made a plant
Hopes were never buried
It just germinated like buried seeds
It was all a closed cycle of purity
Divinity is sacred to the no public

Lifers…  Hey get this picture!!
Man makes a computer
Life easier: it commands…
So It was on earth when He created man
Hey call me a sinner
For my soul is unrest
What if
What if Life is no more a term for Divinity
What if we are left behind
At the point where it began….
Hey call me a sinner
But we all still believe in God
The only difference is
I query the origin of Man.

Unrest Soul: Dark minds

Dark minds are like-minded
Dangerous miles on buried mines
Dark night is the time they fly
Dawn has a sentiment for Pharaohs..

Dark-skinned is the footage of the sun
Daytimes has checks for He sees us all
Dangling is a confidential word for  the public
Darkness is a private moment created by God.

Unrest Soul: Nerd Myth

A little to the left tilts the right even
A creator may not be acquainted to his design
A gaze deep dead into his eyes
You will see a dark blood clot
You will see an iced tears impinged vein
Only live once says the sound from a gun
Others never dig: yet without a drop
Or soaked hankies: they take a turn
He searches for Solomon, Solo takes him on a tour
Hugh plight the Jackson faced
Elementary things don’t compensate
Easily imagined like a child’s dream
Such an element of want by a preachers wife
Such a lost shoe once worn on Michaels foot
Over and over again it keeps replaying
Over and over again like a tilt at windmills
Fighting ones ownself:
Friday’, where is my fun a nerd always ask while reading on friday night .

Unrest Soul: Chance 5

Chance is no science fiction
For if it were,
Would you be Human
When a throne and Angles exist?

Please take a chance
And if the fields turn green
Please don’t oppress me
Or mock my rolling tears.

Please if you take a chance
And the river flows to your thirst
Remember every height has a scaffold
And chance gives pride that grows and …

Please take a chance but don’t let it fall
Don’t let it reshuffle while you still breath
Until black-boy comes
Remember chance gives no permanent life.

Unrest Soul: Chance 4

Right from the time of feeding by blood
Riding and rolling in uterus
Right from the time a cry was induced
Chance has always been there saying
-“You tell us”

People it rejects
People it curse
People it bless
No will is permanent it reassures
– “Take a chance”

Pleas are made to be pleas
Please don’t trash
Please don’t trash me if you are blessed
Let all under the wider sky live for a turn
– To take a chance.

Unrest Soul: Chance 3

Chance fixes the situation
To those who likes an explanation
And to those who believe in miracles.

Chance is a cascading organiser no doubt
To those who have an air in lungs
And those who turned manure without a take.

Chance is an uncertainty
To those standing on a platform of failure
And are willing to swim in a pool of defect.

Chance gives an ear a wing to fly
And the hands a fabulous workable tool
To paint a drawing explaining vividly that

Chance makes you who you are
Along the complex pathway of life
Together, direct or indirect
Chance first wrote history
And it shall be rewritten
Timeless to endlessly if only you take a chance.

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