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Expression Eruption: Tafawa Balewa’s Death Wish

Part of a whole but I’m broken
Torn into three unstable fragments
Incompetent of religious believe.

I had peace standing beside the green
I take my daughter to school now frighten.

Please traverse the boundaries alone
Tell the sundry, tell them all, I am not…
In battle; but the green and white I died for.

Peace is a fruit, never be forbidden
To Napoleon, the alphabets never forgotten
It can be hidden in love but not unspoken.

It is that: that distinct the enlighten
It is the unity of a skin and collagen.

Peace is peaceful when it lacks violence.

Unrest Soul: Love above

It glows in the glove and grows like a clove
But hidden like a treasure trove
In forever is his endless love
You find a trove in a mud without a glove.

But if love letters were addressed to the needless
It will make minds mightily man-up relentless.
Heartbreak and lovelorn would be a deja vu
Then I hear: “love is beautiful” but says who?

When heart is deflated and left airless
Javelins and arrows pierces to the spotless
It is true love but it was careless
His treasure trove is not effortless.

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t love
But love is stronger when peace has a dove
Flying mutually together; skydiving up above-
…Love is good when you look up and see a prove.

It glows in the glove and grows like a clove
Stretch your arm and deepen your palm in his glove
For the hands He joins none can remove
Such good loving doesn’t have a counter move.

Tales Of A Wife: That One Love Letter

Love is the most beautiful fabrics
Let’s wear it, for it is a version of magic
…Love is heavenly not a mimic
Listen to your bare chest; it is heroic.
Once you begin it is an endless basics
On its fundamentals; love is toxic.
Bold writings fonts; in fashioning italics
Be it dirty dirt, love is most hygienic.

Too many love notes and lyrics
That an acoustic and piano fall sick.
Hearing or asking: “do you” is just so epic..
Hey! Love is positive and negative; ionic
Really it is electronic and explicitly exotic
…Red and white is not ironic but optic.
Yeah! it tans even the colourless to tonic
Yes or no; just don’t change the topic.

Too many love notes and lyrics
That an acoustic and piano fall sick.
Open: you can’t cover the hole; it is volcanic
O don’t frown; the thick saliva is symbolic
Let love win trophies more than an olympic
Loneliness and hatred is painful even in public
Heart beats in panics, love is thermodynamic
Hello dear, reply me or send me to the medics.

Expression Eruption: Beauty never ends

Can anyone accurately tell
Who the most prettiest is?
For me… No such thing as best
The world is round with no sharp ends
But various unending curves
Such that beauty never ends
And the beautiful ones are not yet born…

But born every second that passes
For life is the combination of genes
Nothing as most talented of species
If I must agree with it,
It must be nominated by angels
And rightly voted by gods
For beauty never ends.

Expression Eruption: Bed ends

I have drank from the cups of bitter julep
And had nausea and lullaby make me fall asleep
Human bleeds but my hard soul has a soft ship
Hence I don’t vend to high tides but blend
Creating a comfort for my legs and head
Off the blankets I wend from end to end
Pride grows; I sow to harvest and lend
And then sleep on all corners of my bed
If I fall, pains my nerve shall send
But I’m not scared of a nightmare trend
Nor the insects buzzing my ears to rend
When all is not well; I don’t pretend
I walk through the storm with nightmare as a portend
I’ve heard it all, enemies are often befriend
On my bed, I win all that I contend
Stress might cause me to sleep-talk on bed
But when the sleepless hours refuses to end
The pillows I hold can’t slip off my grasps
And no matter the volume of sweat off my pores
I wouldn’t bend but simply rotate from end to end.

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