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Expression Eruption: Bed ends

I have drank from the cups of bitter julep
And had nausea and lullaby make me fall asleep
Human bleeds but my hard soul has a soft ship
Hence I don’t vend to high tides but blend
Creating a comfort for my legs and head
Off the blankets I wend from end to end
Pride grows; I sow to harvest and lend
And then sleep on all corners of my bed
If I fall, pains my nerve shall send
But I’m not scared of a nightmare trend
Nor the insects buzzing my ears to rend
When all is not well; I don’t pretend
I walk through the storm with nightmare as a portend
I’ve heard it all, enemies are often befriend
On my bed, I win all that I contend
Stress might cause me to sleep-talk on bed
But when the sleepless hours refuses to end
The pillows I hold can’t slip off my grasps
And no matter the volume of sweat off my pores
I wouldn’t bend but simply rotate from end to end.


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