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What is your Growth Rate?

Life is a stage we all live in day by day taking a step… (-Onyeche Vinz)

Believe me whatever it is you strongly believe in works good and miracle for you… (Allah or God) as long as it isn’t for negativity. – (Onyeche Vinz)

I remember how I dived into fishfarming 2009 by a simple maths: if I raise 1000 fish and sell each at 2kg for N1000 then I shall be a Millionaire.

The dream was a dream after 11months… This 1000 fish ate my 70K of feeding and refuse to grow (Stunted). Disappointing but accepting….

I remember in 2010 when some biz got me 50K within 5months and how I slept that night I got paid, like Cleaners in Heaven getting laid.

I remember finishing NYSC without touching my allowee… Jez! That was a full calender year savings… But funny enough this figures are spent within 1min by some people…

Where I was in 2009-nw.. Shall not be where I shall Be Tomrw!

My point here is – Growth is Constant But What Is Your Growth Rate?


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