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Tales Of A Wife: The Book Of Ruth

Ruth is a name for goddess and virtuous Ladies
In delight they nourish the hearts and the brains of their crazies

Ruth makes men want to reincarnate as Samuel,
In faith to love, all Moses wants to preach her sermon.

She fades all wrinkles: by her side men shall forever be a youth
Innermost feeling, men righteously call her “the root to my route
Should she be described, she’s that Ruth, all writers place next after Judges
Inside: “Obim”- my men’s heart drums to her songs in Igbo phrases.

She’s to life an electrifying historic moment, so
In her would always be the kids King genes
So sweet, she’s as dear to the body as a soul
In death men shall choose to lie beside her healing bones.

She’s that choice; to go wherever she goes,
Ink and pen, blood in veins: men’s Light and Roses;
She’s a valuable tender: the beads of glamour
In her is a chapter never to be turned, men’s obim and mi’ amor.


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