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Let’s Be Friends

Everyman if given a clay,
Would mould their perfect lady…
So I was given a clay and magic fingers
To do justice to my dreams…
With all my accomplish skills
All I created were perfect ladies
Distinction in all parameters
My craft they saw is always the best…

…But what I saw in a midnight session
Was a combination
Of purity, sacred and perfect imperfection
I didn’t mould you, I never could….
Each time I tried I failed
Binaries couldn’t work the magic
I created perfection that never had a link
Lets be friends…

Doctors can’t heal this sickness
Preaching wouldn’t stop the sins
Calculators can’t solve your maths
No one can weave your mats
Where there are birds, there are nest…
I know you are already taken
I fight till I’m forsaken
But for now, let’s be friends.

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