e-Paper Poetry of Vinx


It was so beautiful
……So so beautiful
Watching Socrates in school
Learning indebt all about me
I was so proud of me
To be studied with or without a meal.

Students of yesterday became Professors
Professors in the field of me
Studying me, many refused a meal
So in tandem, it all repeats
From century to centuries
Higher climbed the hills.

I then decided to be one of the students
My yellow clothes still measured as me
My skull still shaped as me
At least I am me, so it was an easy task to be
I supposed…. As I,
I picked up pens and the books of me…

Nobody knew it was me
And attended lectures of me
On exam day, I wrote all of me
I then knew the teachers are mean
When an inventor was called a novice
A novice in what he had made…

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