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Online Romance

This isn’t a poem but one lagging nine
I’ve met so many tempting berries online
Taste maybe sweet with attitude not ugly but fine.

Constant desires and admirations redefine
I’ve never seen nor tasted the tenth wine
Yet every moment comes another none decline.

Nothing can be quantified in moments recombine
Every seconds we chat we turn into mine…
A companion, in details trustfully we confine.

Every salt that made the water saline
We spotted on each others bony spine
Whatever it is; out the pipe, it flows like urine.

I’ve met so many pretty faces online
It pains me meeting another red wine
I will never drink of or meet in time.

Expression Eruption: Irony of lackluster

High in supremacy, She only is the Creator
Heaven and earth, She is an Author
Hiding in her delight; man is but an editor
His mind on lush kites, for money She never made.

Hilariously networked power across big bucks
Horn on dogs, hardship diplomats
He is in charge of dispense but
Hit by inflation and deflation confusion.

Income has a grudge at most times…
In the eyes you see their home and abroad
Inside, deep in the mind; hope is by the road
In-spite of that; Man favors the big buck slimes.

Along the rich carpets, poverty pulls the poor
Away from reach as riffraff in the lore
A billion printed daily is a suffering toy, for
Along my streets, are the rich and the poor.

Expression Eruption: Abort me

I can be devalued and torn
But I rather not be born
Than be human and poor
In this world where poverty mourns.

I can be that goat with no horns
To my achievements; a stubborn son
In its gigantic lips; a noisy horn
But I rather not be born….

If I am to be a fruitless corn
That is planted behind close doors
Built in such a way: keys can not turn
…I rather not be born.

Expression Eruption: Countryman Roads

When tears flow across the thimbles
Where it deposits particles of pains
With memories of recalling hopes
With memories of offenses and errors
Stalked and talked about in stories
Know ye’: life isn’t as the fairy-tale says

Oh ye’: a road so sweet, so we drive on
Sure yeah: it’s like my countryman roads
Always rough with an unending turn
Up and down; tires and rims feel the pains
Sure! the ability to control the wheels
Shows you’re the man: that very true son.

When the sweat refuse to dry soon
Know ye’: life isn’t as stories writers think
It has my countryman prices
Face the challenges; ride along the roads
And Until you get to the market
Never say you can’t purchase from it.

Unrest Soul: Stand close

You built Earth below the neat place I call Home
And the hot sun is so cold beneath your throne,

Yet your degree is sub-zero cooler than an ice
I know and I agree; I can’t look at You in the eyes:

But this faith I have; must it always be blind?
…My soul is unrest; and mystery is unkind.

These scattered puzzle; to me is unwind
Human knows; righteousness is hard to find,

Especially when hardship cries and hails
So I humbly plead; Just let me Inhale:

Let me inhale your miraculous Exhale…
Stand close to me, for these enemies are whales.

Expression Eruption: Heart in Love

I’ve some pretty female friends
Whose endowment is bless
Side to side from end to ends

Love is a dream and reality a lustful event
Written letters often torn and burnt
They make me gape at ashes beside a mirror invent.

Wondering what they don’t see
Honey is sweet but where’s the bee
That stung lovers into a forever sea.

I’ve some pretty female friends
That says: we are just friends
A heart in love is a radio of all kinds.

But the music it sings, is same old song
– “Just friends” yet controlled for long
Admirably hugs; I cover the pit I dug.

Each time I pass through the corner bends
To a never return, I get lost but I’m always found
Same time; lust beyond angels can mend.

Expression Eruption: Ancestors songs

Look deep into the eyes of the Sun
Never end the challenge you begun
Especially when shades can be worn.
We are steps, our children should climb on
The ancestors aren’t dead they watch on
Our struggles on earth and accomplishment.

Did you die? Cheer up life has rebegun
Yes it all ends, with or without a gun
Give praise, bullets are made for a gun.
Child: You are my homespun leather skin
The world is a sea, see and swim
Life is experienced, it isn’t cheap but a ship-

Bosun you are! So direct your path
Millions contended: yet you won your part
With a spirit of never give-up by my artefact
You swam slowly straight into her tiny egg
Our biochemistry gave you a childish leg
Child: watch with a sense, it is your edge!

Walk and work, if you die, life is an unending part
What memories, art and act
Should the Earthworm seize not to hear?
Should the ancestors cry that you wreck its’ height?
Or should they sing that you added more blocks?
Child: live a life that leaves for your child to peacefully live.

What is your Growth Rate?

Life is a stage we all live in day by day taking a step… (-Onyeche Vinz)

Believe me whatever it is you strongly believe in works good and miracle for you… (Allah or God) as long as it isn’t for negativity. – (Onyeche Vinz)

I remember how I dived into fishfarming 2009 by a simple maths: if I raise 1000 fish and sell each at 2kg for N1000 then I shall be a Millionaire.

The dream was a dream after 11months… This 1000 fish ate my 70K of feeding and refuse to grow (Stunted). Disappointing but accepting….

I remember in 2010 when some biz got me 50K within 5months and how I slept that night I got paid, like Cleaners in Heaven getting laid.

I remember finishing NYSC without touching my allowee… Jez! That was a full calender year savings… But funny enough this figures are spent within 1min by some people…

Where I was in 2009-nw.. Shall not be where I shall Be Tomrw!

My point here is – Growth is Constant But What Is Your Growth Rate?

Never Curse Me

Why would the Sun refuse to shine
What waste is it if in daylight the stars shine
Be careful so you don’t be next in line
Basically I am by default made to excel
Even barefooted by paths of broken bottles.

If you curse or wish me bad
Same is yours; it’s just a rebound
A reap off of an hidden moon at night.
Why wish me bad when I have a designer
Programming you exactly what you wish to me.

Get it: those that curses me are doomed…
By forces I can’t say or mitigate
The Sun has so favored me
That I am a surface that reflects her light
And nothing bad come close to me.

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