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Nothing new

The moment you feel
With your very hands
Those very curves that shows that
The earth is truly a sphere
Know that you are a no man but God.

But if you are human
And you walk to the point
Where you see an ending edge
Jump off the Cliff for nothing else
May sometimes be discovered new.

Fear of this world scares me (Egun u’wa’ ra’ tum)

The Earth spins around the Sun
From day to night spontaneously
Similarity is seen in the cycle of age,
The Earth spins around the Sun.

I’m frightened by the fear of the world
It’s not just in the places I’m from.
Each time a young is born while the sun sleeps above my roof
I’m frightened by the fear of the world.

Every birth on earth is a rebirth of same belt
Vipers and scorpions will always be
Like other weaponries in owls, bats and cats
Every birth on earth is a rebirth of same belt.

Hence this life scares me to death
Even heavyweight foot do walk on air
Sight of evil, devilish minds of hatred
Hence this life scares me to death.

In my dialect I’ll say; egun u’wa’ ra’ tum,
For this life has all, few good and many bad
In between many teeth are others flesh and blood
In my dialect I’ll say; egun u’wa’ ra’ tum.

Sheer Wine

I’m engrossed, never knew I would
Be the one forgetting wounds
Dug by diggers, strangers and arrows
Clad in dark black memories
None see through
Until the sunny day I met you.

You are the feathers, you are the wings
You are the reason all Angels fly
Without you,
Beauty shall go into extinction
You are my celebration
Oh please don’t mention.

Kiss me,
My sweet wine
And I shall never loss.
You are my forever yule and muse
For you, with the devil I will dine
By your side, I love, live and die.

Believe me, If I could I would
Crawl to the end of the world
For you, love I finally found
After years of digging the ground
Fair and soft crude beauty of all time
My friend, lover and sweet sheer wine.


Driving in the hottest part of earth
Where I atoned myself
With the hottest of heat from hell.

I trust my never failing faith
But my thinking is sheer light
For they that live, are all jailed.

Like oil above the water
My worries are kept floated
Thrusting from me to the sky.

Trying to be okay, but I’m so high
High on the sweet love of wonder
Wondering not sober and sorrow.

Five fingerlings on a starry
Five fingerlings catching air
From outside my window.

I drove within against my hair
Smiling without a sheer of hurry
To the eye where the wind blow.

My life, my fright

​My greatest fright
Isn’t the wild beast
Or the nightmares at night
Neither is it
The lows and heights
Nor of whatsoever frights
Generalized as demons.

Facing my demons
Are my frights
Death is what existence brings…
I’m not scared of the dark
But I’m scared of darkness
When life’s lights
Flashes into blank.

Get it,
I’m not scared of death
But life and myself
Forever I wish to leave on this shelf.
But what is life after earth?
This scares me into fright
Not nightmares at night.

I feel myself, yes I’m alive
Locked up in myself for life
Confined in bigotry hope
Without the power to jump
From mine to minds
Get it, I’m not scared but of existence
Who am I and what is life?

– Onyeche Vincent Onyekachukwu.


I have these volcanic feelings
And sympathetic images
For the old or loved ones
Suffering from memory loss,
Alzheimer and depressions.

Erupting a million pains
“I should know you”
Deep down the mind speaks…
But the emptiness
Wouldn’t allow a memory of you,

And it drowns them inside
Each time they try to recall…
Some frown for feelings don’t hide,
The gush of warm tears and all
That leaks from the heart and spines

Yesterday and today, they apologize…
And go back to nothingness.
Gush of tears and I, when this happens
I put music, love and kindness
On several replays.

Thirty seven beads

Thirty seven beads on a string,
Brown and black grip on a wrist;
Given to me at love feast
O yes you did, and my heart did spring.

After all these running years,
I still have your hand band on;
It bends, springs back in fun
All your images by elasticities.

What a valuable talisman to me,
All the time it keeps me safe;
Feeling your presence in myself
With a hand band you gave to me.

All the time it keeps me warmth,
Thirty seven beads without a fault;
Perched within it,
Is a repeating reflection of your hidden outlook.

From a distance

From a distance
Dreams are big
While hills are sighted small
Same size with valleys
Green on level grounds.

From a distance
Visions are always bright
Sights will never fade out…
Imaginations are limitless
But in reality, isn’t life impeded?

From a distance
The sun shines with ease
Love is and hatred isn’t
Birthdays keeps renewing
Graveyard is a mirth, not a destination.

From a distance
December brings January
But egg and a chicken
From whom did who
First exist from?

From a distance
We are motivated
By desires of life but,
Myopic and biased that…
Life is not by chance.

I’m Pregnant

I ride on the road
I float on the sea
I wasn’t even told
I sail with such a load.

Times are quite challenging
I don’t get it, yet I fly too,
But I keep on swimming:
I may be stupid but a no fool.

Day and night, I flow fast
And I flow slow, so tell my story
Above the waters of life engine
Eying at my compass of self-discovery.

But who would I be?
Definitely not stagnant…
With or without a tool, I am pregnant
Soon I shall give birth to me.

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