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Beauty Streams

The colour red is for blood and still for love
So on Valentine’s day within the blood flows love

I drove down the streets in Asaba tonight
With memories of beauty stream from a colourful past

Pictures I recalled from the past years I saw,
All on earth revolves around a cycle; is the law

Comparing them with those seen in daytime…
I realized the amalgamations of an unending time

My stereo kept blasting in contemporary jamz
The beauty of the bible is covered around psalms

Then in the loud sound of the booming drums
Came a hush “Beauty is a dress, in silent words”

While it last in a beauty stream
Don’t think its the hottest steam

It’s but a colourful fashionable new dress
But over time in wrinkles it soon fades…

New, trendy and fresh, the factory of life reproduces
We all then say –“the young surely grows”—–

Beauty still remains a position no one leads forever
Don’t get it to your head, for no one is fairer.

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