e-Paper Poetry of Vinx

Whether thy run or walk, love isn’t a fight
Soulmate is the prophesy of a love prophet 
Phase for two to become a soft strong heart
Esau’s wife, a realistic charm best described by no poet
When she says a word, thy shall catch a breath
In her smiles are mass of hope meant for rent.

Wait! don’t dare; she’s not for all born
She’s that shadow shining within the sun
Peace is supreme, she has no horn
Elegant gaze, if she blink, irons will burn
Water isn’t in her tears but ore and fun
Inside beauty, her toes are pretty her halo is no pun.

Will a name be forgotten when it’s created as none infringe?
She’s to thee the real poetry written on love lodge
Parental rare encounter: the body and soul’s urge.
To Heaven she’s a chandelier, hell’s blazer an irreversible purge
Wipe not, she’s an artifact that can’t be forge In love she’s its letters -like water and its sludge.

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