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Tragedy Friday

I went to the hospital to see my blood
Only to jam volumes of ocean tears pond
Faces were up and faced down to the ground
My blood was fine but I heard a crying chord
Certainly they expressed a lose against an odd.

Friday the faithful had all headed for church
…Boomm… tires rolled, before the rush
Those there said: “the impact is much”
Passengers on-board all had a re-touch
…Sh, three gave up the ghost!… sssh.

“Three, 3..”: repeatedly it resounded
I defined tragedy as the Devils sword
A word in a world no one pray to afford
Down the slope into the mud….
Passengers on-board all had a re-touch.

“Lord why..!” This one kept shouting
“Iyawo mi! My wife, baybem!” He was screaming
She had kicked the bucket and sailed home
But she died not alone
For she was pregnant and they both died right on his hands.

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