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Ode of Josh: The Odds Were Right

Josh is a man guided by dreams,
God above always answers his prayers,
So he prayed for and had her on his palms.
It was all for affection: he was in love,
But in his dreams was a fading glow
Disapproving lights from the glove.

‘I had a dream last night’, he said to her…
‘What did you dream’ asked her
But he couldn’t respond definitely to her.
For his dream had her disapproved by swans
The odd was against her: silent white lies
Said all there was to say; in love games…

He didn’t seem it very important
He kept on digging holes for an ant
To store love: on earth there is not a saint…
Who hasn’t sinned for no man is purer
No… no.. not even one, now and forever
So against the odds he held on to his lover…

They both grow fonder, higher on love tree
And they both walked on each others heel
Everyday he played and prayed on his kneel.
He had God blessed his palm on the wheel
But Each time he was with her, slow on hill
Were a bad omen! until she cut off the tree..

Taiwo her ex, resurrected from underworld
Surprisingly, her lies sprung up from the ground.
Ashamed, she flew while in hush Josh watched…
Front and back, up in the sky she flew disoriented
Because she loved two men: so she sat on the fence
Pulling the trigger deliberately, Josh hence…

Reminded her that there is that one…
…Special soul mate for everyone…
She isn’t, but a mismatched consonant preceding an.
Love comes naturally: Taiwo she chose without a fight
For the moment she left, the glow became bright
Josh then smiled saying: ‘the odds were right’.


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