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You can’t be what you aren’t
The vultures are no bats
That’s for sure no lie
Not all birds can fly…
In reality or film
All fishes can swim
Yet not all can float
Nor crawl to the deep seas underneath!

I am unique in my own ways
and so are you…
Do not kill me nor quench my rays
These I will always beg of you.
Do not intimidate me nor set me ablaze
For my weaknesses, please I beg you…
At the back of the mind have it in pictures
That my strength could be a weakness in you.

Hence live and let me live
You could take but let me give
Unto a clove and bee hive
And get back as still me!
There is an Adam to every Eve
Diameter for every effluent sieve
Live and let me live
For one day this earth we shall leave.

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