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Back in My Younger Days

Back in my younger days..
In Ibusa, beside St. Augustine’s, I will roll tires
In pants, half naked like ancients in the woods
I would play hopscotch and build mud houses
Drew on papers, cry till I choke or get mum’s attention
Afraid of the dark, frightened by strange tension
Bathed in the rain, Innocent I was so please don’t mention.

I was full of watts, I bet you I was an Eagle
I took pride in my ways, my home was my ego
“Tech is coming”: who would believe if I had said so?
But hope it doesn’t seem like a very long time ago…
I fell in love with bright colors and smiling girls: Big fact…
Electricity flowed through at skin contact
I was an elephant at same time small as an ant.

In such an innocent age… Good times was what I was used to,
But now the air I inhale is lighter than it used to
No more flying urine and touching my toes while I stand
Is no longer as easy as it used to…
Current still flows, yet not through all lady’s hand
But only a few who makes me feel like child
For innocence vanished back in my younger days…

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